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EP Republic Ltd engage with and provide onsite support services on site primarily based in the onsite welfare centre staffed by both medical and welfare personnel. EP Republic Ltd also engage with organisations to provide
outreach support throughout the site for mental health services, alcohol and drug harm reduction as well as many other supports.


There is a Welfare Tent located beside the First Aid Point in Jimi Hendrix Campsite and is open 24 hours and is staffed by experienced and supportive people who understand festivals.



The Festival Branch of Samaritans have been going to Electric Picnic since 2017 offering 24 hour emotional support. They have a team of volunteers who work shifts throughout the day and night dealing confidentially with upset, depressed or suicidal people. The Samaritans’ tent (with prominent green and white “SAMARITANS” banners and huge flags) will be situated in the Jimi Hendrix campsite.


Welfare is there to assist anyone who is in need, offering general support, counselling, drug and alcohol information, safe
sex information, crash tent.

Pink Pamper Hair & Beauty Salon

Located in Jimi Hendrix Campsite. Services & Opening Hours:

Friday 2nd September

12 – 6pm – Rental of GHD & Hairdryers +bookings of appointments

Saturday 3rd September

8am – 6pm – Rental of GHD & Hairdryers Wash & Blowdries, Braiding, Festival Face Art

Sunday 4th September

Rental of GHD and hairdryers, Wash and Blowdries, Braiding, Festival Face Art


Use of Hairdryer: €10

Hair Wash: €10 – 15

Hair Wash & Dry: €25 – €40

With Extensions: €35 – €40

Blow Dry from wet: €20 – €25

Braids: €10 – €30

Festival Face Art: €5 – €25


Lockers and Storage Boxes will be available for storing your valuables all weekend in the Jimi Hendrix campsite. We recommend valuables such as cash, wallets, IDs, cameras etc are kept in lockers for extra security. Storage boxes are perfect for storing larger items such as alcohol, etc. If it fits in, they will store it!
Book your locker in advance to avoid disappointment, as lockers and storage boxes are limited!


Three Charging will be providing charging facilities in the Main Arena, Late Night Arena and Jimi Hendrix Campsite.


There are information points located in Jimi Hendrix, Andy Warhol, Oscar Wilde, Janis Joplin and Charlie Chaplin campsites as well as the information hub in the Main Arena.

They are there to offer help and advice about facilities and their locations on site. They give have information on travel, line up and you can take any found property there. They also have phone numbers for cancelling lost bank cards.

Opening Times


Friday 1pm – Monday 1pm

Main Arena:

Friday 2pm – Midnight,

Saturday 11am – 2am,

Sunday 11am – Midnight


  • General camping will open at 16:00 on Thursday 1st September 2022 for Early Entry ticket holders only. *You must also have a valid Weekend Camping Ticket.
  • General camping for Weekend Camping Ticket holders opens at 09:00 on Friday 2nd September and closes at 13:00 on Monday 5th September 2022.
  • The campsite is staffed 24 hours a day and you can arrive at any time during this period.


  • All weekend festival tickets include access to all standard campsites. Public Campsites will open at 09:00 on Friday 2nd September for Weekend Camping Ticket holders only.
  • All our general campsites are named and colour-coded to aid orientation across site. There is plenty of space in the campsites for the capacity attending and so you should be able to find a space which is comfortable for you.
  • You cannot drive into the campsites at any time.
  • Zone Managers will be working 24 hours in each zone. Their bases are by each area’s info point. There are also teams of security and stewards in each zone who are there if you need any help.


Silk Road

Easily one of the poshest addresses to camp at EP – Silk Road Tents offers a range of beautiful canvas boutique camping tents within the Harvest Moon campsite. We invite you to stay in one of our bell tents, tipis or yurts, adding some luxury to your festival experience. All our tents offer a wonderful ambience, with carpeted and furnished interiors to the more elegantly adorned yurts. The area has 24hr security, we offer free phone charging facilities and complimentary tea & coffee in our reception at specified times, pamper area, luxury loos and showers.

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon features a wide range of Deluxe Yurts, Lotus Bells and Emperors for a weekend of luxory with sustainability in mind. Harvest Moon also features clean toilets and hot showers, the Pamper Parlour, a bar and pop up food stalls and an onsite team on hand to manage your needs.

Harvest Moon opens a 16:00 on Thursday 1st September. Pink Moon Early Entry Pass AND an Electric Picnic Early Entry Ticket

Pink Moon

Pink Moon Camping offers a wide array of facilities as well as pre-pitched standard tents of different sizes. All of the tents are reusable, meaning no trace is left behind. Where possible sustainable methods in the sanitation process are used and it is ensured that all of the products have a secondary life cycle, usually through donating equipment to charities and youth organisations.

Pink Moon creates a unique, comfortable sanctuary away from the busyness that a festival brings. Along with an array of structures that’s suitable to all budgets, Pink Moon provide a variety of facilities that make it the ultimate boutique camping experience. These facilities include: clean toilets and hot showers, USB charging stations, the Pamper Parlour, a restaurant and bar and a sanitised area with good handwashing facilities.


Pink Moon opens a 16:00 on Thursday 1st September. Pink Moon Early Entry Pass AND an Electric Picnic Early Entry Ticket are required for entry.

Silver Campsite

A first at Picnic, customers can bring their own tent and enjoy a spacious stay filled with all the wonderful facilities the boutique campsites have to offer. The Silver Campsite offers either ‘pitch your own’ or a comfortable stay in one of the Canvas Bell Tents. This premium campsite will offer hot showers and toilets. Located on the Abbeyleix road, it’s just a short walk to the carpark, and close to the heart of the action!


  • Our dedicated Disabled Access campsite is a space for both tents and campervans. All information on facilities, support provided and how to reserve your pitch can be found in the Access section.


  • The Family Campsite opens at 09:00 on Friday 2nd September. Please note, Early Entry passes are not valid for this campsite.
  • To stay in the Family Campsite, you will need to purchase a Family Camping Ticket. Please be sure to choose the correct option when purchasing your tickets.
  • Those with the Family Camping Tickets will have access to our Family Car Park


  • Family Campervan opens at 16:00 on Thursday 1st September. Entry to site will only be permitted to people with valid Family Weekend Tickets accompanied by a
    valid Family Campervan/Caravan pass. You must be accompanied by a child aged 12 or under to access this area. Please note that original proof of purchase along with
    supporting ID may be required along with your Family Campervan/Caravan pass.
  • Please note: there will be no access to the main arena or food traders until Thursday evening. Basic toilet facilities and water points will still be available.


  • General Campervan opens at 16:00 on Thursday 1st September. Entry into site will only be permitted to vehicles with a valid Campervan/Caravan Pass, and each occupant must also have a Weekend Ticket. *Original proof of purchase along with supporting ID may be required along with your campervan/caravan pass.
  • Please note: there will be no access to the main arena or food traders until Thursday evening. Basic toilet facilities and water points will still be available.
  • Campervan Terms & Conditions


A an environmentally conscious eco-camping space, who are on a mission to encourage picnickers to step up and take responsibility for their own waste. Here you will benefit from the Niftybin system, Festival Bin Inspectors to help campers live by the camp ethos and award winning chemical free & waterless toilets.


  • If you are camped in an emergency access lane, your tent will have to be moved by our security teams. The lanes are marked with scaffolding poles and festoon lighting. The lanes between the scaffolding poles are the emergency access lanes.
  • If you return to your tent to find that this has occurred, please make a note of the campsite that you are in and find the nearest member of staff to help or go to your campsite info point.
    If you are not sure about whether you are camped inappropriately or not, please check with a member of staff.
  • If you find yourself without accommodation due to your tent being removed then please go to the Welfare Tent in Jimi Hendrix which is open 24 hours. They will be happy to help you. Please note that although we will make all reasonable efforts to take care of your property, no responsibility can be taken for any items that are lost or damaged during tent removal.