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  • We’re very proud to be a family friendly festival. However there are a few things to note before your family arrive.
  • Please register your children before arriving at the festival, see ‘Child Registration’ section below.
  • We advise that all parents write their mobile numbers on their child’s wristband, which are available from the Family Campsite and the Little Picnic Kids Area. Remember to check this each day to ensure it’s still legible.
  • Always hold hands or carry your children through busy areas.
  • Educate your children on what to do if they get separated from you. Advise them to stay where they are and not to move or go with anyone until a Garda or Steward approaches them. They should indicate their phone number to the Garda or Steward.​​​
  • Children must be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian at ALL times. We do not accept any parental or supervisory duty of care or liability for any children on site.
  • If a child is found, please notify the nearest member of staff who will contact the Electric Picnic Control Centre. A member of the Gardaí will then go to their location. A parent who has lost a child should follow the same procedure, making contact with the nearest member of staff who will contact the Electric Picnic Control Centre.
  • Take a photo of your children on your mobile phone in the morning so that you have the most recent photo on you.
  • This is a large outdoor event and may not be a suitable environment for children under the age of 5. It is important to note that high noise levels can damage a child’s hearing. We would just ask that you take this into consideration. Please note that we do not provide ear defenders.


  • The Family Campsite is our dedicated campsite for families with children aged 12 or under (limited to 2 children per adult). Please note that ID checks will be in place at the festival, if you feel your child looks older than 12 years old please bring ID to back this up (colour photocopies will suffice). There are showers, toilets and water points available in this campsite.
  • Only people with Family Camping Tickets are permitted to stay in the Family Campsite. No single or groups of adults will be permitted entry to the campsite unless accompanied by a child. Anyone who arrives without a child will be asked to camp in the general campsites.
  • People with Family Camping tickets have access to the Family Car Park which is located in Stradbally Town, a short distance to the campsite via the dedicated Family Route.


  • Little Picnic, brought to you by Kaleidoscope Festival, the festival of family and fun for everyone! Little Picnic is a feast of entertainment, creativity, fun, education, inspiration, sports, wellness and so much more for families to enjoy together at Electric Picnic.
  • Only people who have Family wristbands or are with children are permitted entry into Little Picnic.


  • Children aged 12 or under are allowed to attend Electric Picnic. It is not acceptable to bring children aged between 13-17. Anyone found to be of this age will not gain admission to the festival, free or otherwise. Children do not need a ticket to attend as each adult with a festival ticket can bring a max of two children into the event.
  • Electric Picnic may contain acts or feature material not suitable for children that we are unable to predict due to the nature of the event. The responsibility for what the child see remains with the parent.


There will be baby changing facilities located in Little Picnic and also in Family Camping.