Trailer Park

With a love of both things ridiculous and fantastic, Trailer Park is a mobile-tropolis, a hamlet of absurdity that was born at Electric Picnic eight years ago, and shows little evidence of maturity.

trailer park

Trailer Park is Electric Picnic’s world of graceful lunacy, a haven of hilarious caravans, utilitarian mobile homes that have undergone surgery, vans re-functioned, campers converted. Collectively they create a metropolis of tiny venues, interactive cultural outposts, fun-clinics and oddball theatres. It is anchored by the Trailer Park Stage, a mobile home complete with bedroom, kitchen, lavatory and lounge… with the front taken off. Live music comes from some of the titans of stage performance.


Now established as the place to go to unearth the soul of Electric Picnic, Trailer Park is mobile-tropolis of stunning visual creativity – and it’s about unchecked laughter, live music that lifts you to the sky, and a series of encounters with some of the most ridiculous installations anywhere in Ireland. Among those attending are:


Yonder🚌, an eye-watering psychedelic bus, peopled the flotsam of the Summer’s festivals dedicated to side-stepping office work. By day – an immersive school: drag for beginners, blindfold dentistry, lollipop-lady classes, EDM and hip-hip for over 60s, clowning for shy people, inclusivity humming, crap yoga, alternative instruction manuals for housewives … and many far more surreal and less educational lessons. By night, the lights go on, and nonsense is taken seriously: the side-show is the show.

Ellebanna, an Ibiza-based dance intervention in which three creatures not-of-this-earth emerge from an orb-like lair to writhe and slide and investigate the people who think they are watching a show…

Gangsta Granny is back!👵😎 A gaggle of razor sharp ladies knit a coat for a caravan, and then keep on going.

Crazy Train🚆 –Platform 1 is where you come for colour – spray paint to your hearts content, or try our rotating canvases, pendulum paint & subway art. Experiment on the side of a train.

Fashion of Swap🩳 – a clothes exchange & repair clinic, where punters can modify their outfit with a funky fringe, get a styling consultation or go for a full change.

Picnic Peaks will take you to a place both wonderful and strange. Enter the Black Lodge for some DAMN fine experiences, surreal meetings, and coffee blacker than the moonless night.

The Dreaming Summer House –  saturated in mystery, mystique and improvised musical and is hosted by Mike and Geri of New Blue Sioux and friends.

TG Ceathaire📺 is posing as a TV studio that is broadcasting live reality/game shows to a global audience – when it is, in fact, hosted from a bashed-up old caravan by a has-been presenter.

Weather Karaoke⛅ – out with the old and tired format of song-and-music to the exhilarating new world of weather presenting.

Nun of That will bring you back to the good auld days of Irish sex education where nuns rule the school.

Lord Ganesh’s Larder is a highly decorated Indian bus serving chai and offering a view from its first floor deck.

The Snug📷 will invite participants to dress up in old shawls and paddy caps, with pipes and newspapers and century old beer bottles – and then leave with a 6×4 print of their seisiún.

Caravan Mambo💃 hosts classic House and dance anthems DJs inspired by the Ibiza music scene – in a caravan

Terrible Terry🎾 presents The EP Open 2023, a nine-hole golf course run by a rag tag group of crap golfers.

Caravanaoke🎤 will cram you all in, give you a song, and ensure chaos ensues.

Quizivan returns with its infamous and glamorous TV quiz

Ceili Kitchen🪕 where ‘out the back’ trad is in full swing.

Redneck Mobile Home sees the obnoxious occupants of the dirtiest mobile home in Trailer Park return.

Salvage Yard is a new piano bar🎹🍸 – the full songbook as performed by the inescapably brilliant hands of pianist Stephen French Davis – where you can eat, drink and get stuck in to the lyrics of your favourites.

My Lovely Horse Rescue🐎 welcomes Holly and Daphne the emotionally repaired pigs, a canine population of Charlie Watts, Betty Boo and Taylor Swift and others, and Matt Damon and Lola the Shetland among the horses. A bucking bronco for those trying to impress. And Craggy Island the Father Ted caravan experience, plus Joe Rooney’s Sunday Mass.


Trailer Park. If it’s laughter you’re after.