Trailer Park

With a love of both things ridiculous and fantastic, Trailer Park is a mobile-tropolis, a hamlet of absurdity that was born at Electric Picnic eight years ago, and shows little evidence of maturity.

trailer park

Several dozen creations are stuffed into caravans, horseboxes, mobile homes, and repurposed vehicles and displayed proudly by their owners with toothy grins. It is a creative greenhouse for artists to present large scale installations, for dreamers to be believed, and for those who don’t mind being a little silly in public.

Clustered around one of the quirkiest stages at any festival in Europe, installations such as Caravanaoke (12 people stuffed into a caravan for rowdy karaoke), Apres Ski (a party at an alpine chalet complete with real snow), Hothouse Eatery (a spectacular restaurant in a polytunnel for the weary to be waited upon), and Who Let the Dads Out (old fellas clinging on to their dreams), are just a few examples of the many neighbours to a main stage hewn from the carcass of a mobile home. There is nowhere more immersive in Electric Picnic than the time squandered in Trailer Park.