The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow & Fishtown

Steeped in the folklore of its proprietor – Jerry Fish – and inspired by a love of theatrical tall tales, circus culture and amazing music.

Circus tent

Caged, stray, concealed or revealed, it’s all good here. This is where “normal” is redefined. Fishtown will be moving into the woods in Stradbally this year.

It includes The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow Circus Tent, pop-up sideshow stages, a cafe, and a bar, building on the community of mayhem-loving misfits that frequent Fishtown. Everyone is a VIP in Fishtown, with Jerry creating a ‘backstage’ experience – a place where artists, fans and friends can meet up, talk about, and plot their Picnic adventures and experiences. One can definitely expect the unexpected in Fishtown.