Hannah Laing

Hannah Laing

Hannah Laing is the champion of the doof.

Born in the nineties to two hardcore raver parents and immersed in a household powered by house and trance music, it was almost fate that years later she would firmly cement her position as the people’s pride of Scotland.

Both her productions and DJ sets are filled with high energy, bouncy techno soundscapes with teasing stabs of hard house and trance – however to pigeonhole a sound influenced by several seasons in Ibiza and local clubs would be unjust.

It has been a stellar 12 months for Hannah, who’s 2022 Creamfields North set soared her into the psyche of many a partygoer, resulting in a sold out UK headline tour merely months later.

The burgeoning success of Hannah’s latest release ‘Good Love’ feels almost inevitable, then, but her plethora of rave-ready cuts primed for release in forthcoming months make it clear that she’s only getting started.

Enter Doof: a currently unannounced, yet expertly teased, label and party. Fans are already scrawling themselves in Doof themed tattoos, buying out a surprise merchandise drop and creating their own Doof themed flags and glowsticks to bring to Hannah’s sets – when they find out the full plans for the concept, the response is set to be immense.
In the meantime, though, you’ll catch Hannah in her happy place, showcasing her hypnotic sound to the most immense crowds worldwide. From Glastonbury, to Creamfields, to everywhere in between; Hannah Laing is truly taking over.

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