Transmission lands again at Electric Picnic for 2022

We are is once again welcoming Transmission to earth in Stradbally, Co. Laois. Join your extra-terrestrial friends for an intergalactic experience like no other, with thumping vinyl beats and gleaming pulsating light displays. The mothership is landing for its fifth year following a festival hiatus and promises to deliver its unique blend of art and music to Electric Picnic which has become a must for the whole galaxy.

Return to a psychedelic space bursting with theatrical magic where you can party like its 2099. This year, picnickers can dance among extra-terrestrial life under the gleaming lights of Electric Picnic’s very own Stargate – an otherworldy portal from outside realms waiting to transport the enlightened traveller across space and time. Who knows from where, or from what time, our fellow revellers will be!


Other installations nestled amongst the trees are Stargate a 13ft diameter portal positioned above the entrance to Transmission through which extra-terrestrial beings can access earth. And Moon a 5ft fiberglass moon and satellite suspended high in the canopy of the woods. This year a new UFO has landed on top of the Mothership, what new beings will arrive with it – join us in the woods to find out.


Irish DJ Furlong is a regular at Transmission and will bring his unique energy to the floor. Catch him grooving behind the decks with beats influenced by techno, house and tribal.


DanceNasty pilots Transmission to hyperspace again for his fourth year, regular passengers will already have heard this underground DJ’s beats, jacking, deep, grooving, funky and sometimes tech but always uplifting. This DJ promises to be just another surprise to be found at this year’s Transmission…


Multi-talented DJ, producer and songwriter Daniel Mathews goes under the moniker Dr.Owz33 born in Dublin raised by wolves in Croydon ‘London’ where he started to DJ and Mc. Now back in Ireland he will bring his love of electronic music to your alien experience!


DJ and producer Mark Fitz has been mixing and making tracks since 2011. Expect a mix of techno/house not to mention some of his own tracks.


DJ Victor Beasley started organising gigs but seeing DJs play the crowd inspired him to learn the craft and find his own groove. Taking inspiration from various genres he’s been over the last 15 years he will bring his own flavour to this versatile mix of artists.


Vibez will be returning for his third EP this year, bringing his usual all vinyl set. With a style straddles Funky House to Techno, with that oldskool feel, you’ll be compelled to join him and dance under the UFO on a journey into the vinyl frontier.


Mad Gab is both visual artist and genre hopping vinyl DJ, a driving force on the Wexford scene and a dedicated collaborator, she will incorporate her own art into the visuals. Take Mad Gab’s 303 techno roots, add some of her grimey Soundclown basslines and a pinch of Mad… that’s Gab. Trippy and bangin’!.

Chuckens has crafted the soundtrack of the underground dance scene since he was 15. What to expect? Moody dark techno & 303. There may be thunder “Know what i’m saying!”


Transmission is the brainchild of artist Ali Kemal along with a team of under the radar artists and DJs. Transmission will create all the euphoria and wonder of an alien encounter.


It’s a ritual and we are your shaman!

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