Electric Picnic raises the curtain on Theatre line-up!🎭

Presenting Ballet Ireland, the Irish National Opera and more

Please take your seats – the show is about to begin!

Electric Picnic will once more bring arias, arabesques and acting to a whole new level as Theatre returns to Stradbally for a much sought after second run! Promising thespian treats galore, Theatre will have you shouting ‘encore, encore!’ as a stellar line up of players and prodigies enter stage left to deliver a suite of spectacular performances over the sold-out festival weekend. If you’re a culture vulture or simply seeking a good time, this one’s for you…


The Theatre Line-up

The Theatre Line-up at Electric Picnic 2023

Ballet Ireland: Minus 16

Swan Lake? Think again! This is a ballet performance with a difference. Featuring an eclectic score ranging from Dean Martin to mambo, techno to traditional Israeli music, Ohad Naharin’s Minus 16 uses improvisation and Naharin’s acclaimed ‘Gaga’ method, a unique movement language that breaks down old habits, pushing the dancers to challenge themselves in new ways. The popular piece performed by Ballet Ireland is renowned for its unpredictability and fun that makes each performance of Minus 16 delightfully different for the audience and the dancers. Get ready to feel the heart-pounding energy of Ballet Ireland live on stage!

Irish National Opera: Opera Jukebox at the Movies

Put another dime in the jukebox baby and join the Irish National Opera for the latest edition of their Opera Jukebox series… and yes, it’s exactly what it says on the tin as Opera Jukebox at the Movies allows you to choose your favourite opera arias, duets and more from a selection of the world’s most iconic films. The power is in your hands, and our singers can’t wait to perform your choices, including the best of what Irish opera has to offer, including sopranos Celine Byrne and Emma Nash, mezzo-soprano Madeline Judge, tenor Gavan Ring, baritone Sean Boylan and accompanist Mairead Hurley. If you’re a seasoned opera goer or a true film lover, make sure you don’t miss out on adding some whimsy to your weekend by hearing live performances of operatic favourites used in Pretty Woman, Philadelphia, The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather and many more.

Dreamgun Film Reads: Titanic

The Titanic was the ship of dreams – but it was also a nightmare ship where everyone died. Dreamgun presents their parody Film Read of James Cameron’s Titanic the film based on Titanic the boat. With Gavin Drea, Stephen Colfer, Hannah Mamalis, Ronan Carey and guests!

Footsbarn Theatre: Waiting for Godot

After a long wait, the time has finally come for Footsbarn Theatre to stage Beckett’s cult play Waiting for Godot. A tree, a rock, two men in bowler hats are waiting.  What do they do whilst waiting?  They argue, reconcile, eat a carrot, philosophise, do their exercises, pass the time of day until the sudden eruption of a man on a long rope lead by a master brings on another level of madness. With the maturity and stage expertise of many years of play, between tears and laughter the company brings out all the humanity, absurdity and end of the world humour of the play. In Beckett’s words: “Estragon, Vladimir, Pozzo, Lucky, their time and their space, I could know them a little but that’s very far from the need to understand. They owe you an explanation maybe. That, they’ll manage without me. They and I, we’re finished.”

Xnthony: These Gays, They’re Trying to Murder Me!

Cabaret that kills! Join East London club-party pioneer Xnthony and a rolodex of magnificent oddballs, drag stars and shit stirrers for a night of heated action, rhinestones and drop-dead gorgeous acts. ‘These Gays’ is a bonkers night of cabaret, swirls and twirls with Ireland and the UK’s finest scene stealers! Join for the craic, stay for the murder.

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