The new Heineken ‘Greener Bar’ puts sustainability centre stage

Over the first weekend in September, 70,000 festival goers will flock to Stradbally, Co. Laois for Electric Picnic, an event that’s often considered the climax of Ireland’s festival season. Heineken® has become one of Electric Picnic’s most anticipated brand and music experiences and, this year, “The Greener Bar” at Electric Picnic will be Heineken®’s most sustainable bar yet.

The world has changed radically since the last Electric Picnic in 2019 and so too has Heineken. “Brew a Better World” is the company’s global sustainability initiative and as part of it, the brand has ambitious targets to reduce its carbon impact. Here in Ireland, the company is committed to brew with zero emissions by 2030.  As part of this, Heineken® has designed a new, greener festival experience that doesn’t compromise on Heineken®’s iconic festival experience, service and entertainment but delivers it on a minimal carbon budget.


The Greener Bar

The Greener Bar utilises the best innovations in circular design and building methods, materials and technologies to reduce waste, water and energy use. Heineken® Greener Bar, by design, will:


  • Save up to 9,760kg of plastic event waste – the equivalent to the daily waste of 11,132 average Irish individuals**. The utilisation of Reusable Cups at The Greener Bar means a reduction in the amount of single use plastic cups – 2022 will see at least 20,000 less cups than 2019.
  •  Utilise circular and recycled production. All materials used for The Heineken® Greener Bar have had a life before, or will have a life long after the festival. From the structure of the bar; the selection of organic, recyclable staff uniforms and the reclamation of festival-planting for a local horticulturist, the contents of Heineken’s® Greener Bar are recycled, upcycled or reused where possible offering music fans a planet friendly destination both day and night.
  • Outside of the Greener Bar, all cups throughout the rest of the event will be made with recyclable PET

Greener Artist & Entertainment Production

In organising the music experience, Heineken® focuses on creating a lighter, more sustainable production for music fans (without compromising on world-class lighting and sound) by:

  • Cutting international travel. For 2022, all musicians booked by Heineken are local. This marks the first year the brand has cut international travel in preference for 100% local artists. The exciting lineup includes  PrYmary Colours, George Feely, Stevie G, DJ Safari & Sing Along Social.
  • Embracing alternative energy sources to regular diesel fuel. This is estimated to achieve an emissions reduction over 90% (v’s regular fuel) and over 60% less emissions than previous years (v’s 2019). The Greener Bar uses bio generators and a customised smart power plan to reduce unnecessary waste. The plan is inspired by the MyZap Smart Power Planning (an exciting new lower energy solution currently being trialled by Coldplay on their most sustainable world tour yet.)
  • Creating a custom built lower emission LED lighting rig (which can use up to 85% less electricity than traditional light bulbs) and LED screens (which can achieve an energy saving of up to 50%).
  • Encouraging responsible consumption over the festival weekend by making Heineken® 0.0 available on draught at The Greener Bar.

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