As the big day approaches, you’ll more than likely find yourself purchasing a tent. Throughout the summer you’ll see all sorts of tents of all shapes and sizes advertised, at all sorts of prices.

Not all of these tents are equal though, and some might just end up creating more hassle for you once they’re pitched than they are worth.

Some tents often wont last you the weekend

Poor quality tents are often not going to last you the weekend. You might save a few quid in the short run, but a lot of cheap ‘festival tents’ are often not durable enough for 3 days spent at a festival.

Invest in a tent that can stand up to the elements and won’t collapse or rip as soon someone brushes against it.

This tent is going to be your home for the weekend – you at least want it to be sturdy and not fall over.

Do some research

It’s super easy these days to find reviews of products online. Just punch the name of the tent you’re thinking of buying into google and see what people are saying about it. You’ll soon see if this tent is going to keep you sheltered from the elements for 3 days. Check out festival forums and see what other festival goers are suggest, and what tents have served them well.

Make sure it’s waterproof

Some tents are more waterproof than others. Always look out for the HH Rating – it’ll be advertised as HH5000 or HH 1500 in the tent specifications. That stands for the ‘hydrostatic head’ – And without getting too bogged down in the science of it –  it tells you how many milimeters of water the tent can take before it starts to leak. A tent with a HH3000 will withstand a 3 meter high column of water on the surface of it before it starts to leak. Most bargain / single use tents are only rated at about HH1500 – which is risky given the weather we sometimes get here. The minimum we’d recommend is a HH3000 rating.

Learn how to put it up & take it down

We’ve all been there. Pop up tents are so easy to put up – but not that easy to take down. There’s a knack to it. Give it a few practice runs at home before the big weekend and you’ll be a pro when the times comes to pack up and head home.

We all know that we shouldn’t be leaving our tents behind in the fields – and we also understand that some tents are destined for failure before they ever arrive to Stradbally.

Make it easier on yourself, and invest in a tent that you can enjoy staying in, one that will last you for many Picnic’s to come!

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