Little Picnic!

Welcome to Little Picnic, brought to you by the lovely people behind Kaleidoscope, Ireland’s family-friendly music and arts festival. A colourful and enchanting area of Electric Picnic designed specifically with families in mind, Little Picnic is bursting with creative, educational and inspirational workshops, sports, wellness, and lots of fun for the whole family – there’ll be magical memories and families moments at every turn!

Little Picnic is open to anyone attending Electric Picnic with children, on the back lawn of Stradbally Estate from 2pm to 7pm on Friday, and from 11am to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday. If you don’t have a Family Camping wristband, Little Picnic wristbands are available to pick up onsite. Wander over for a visit and experience all the excitement that awaits at Little Picnic over the festival weekend, ending the summer on a high before it’s back to the grindstone at school! Now, without further ado, standby for a taster of what is in store for families, children and those who are young at heart at Little Picnic this year…



Join us for a Kids Disco Party like no other! Get ready to bust a move and have a blast with friends. From funky classics to the latest hits, there’s a song for everyone to shake, twist, and twirl to. Dress up in your coolest outfits and dance the night away with DJ Will Softly!



Calling all drama queens and stars of the stage, the Gaiety School of Acting is about to put on a serious show. Enjoy taking part in ‘Quentin Queries Treasure Quest’; a treasure hunt with an environmental twist for young people. Solve the puzzle and unlock the treasure!



Get ready to groove and move with the most amazing brass band adventure! Our group of fun-loving musicians is here to introduce families to the fantastic world of brass instruments. Grab your dancing shoes and get ready to join the rhythm, because with Ballymore Eustace Brass Band, every day is a musical celebration!



Tap your feet and clap your hands to the enchanting tunes of our Trad Band, a musical journey straight from the heart of Ireland! With fiddles, flutes and bodhráns, our band is here to take you on a spirited adventure. So gather ’round folks and join us in a celebration of tradition, rhythm, and the timeless joy of Irish music!



Calling all young explorers and future tech wizards! Get ready to dive into the exciting world of STEM and robotics with STEAM Academy. Put on your thinking caps, roll up your sleeves, and join us for a journey into the endless possibilities of STEM. Prepare to create, innovate, and have a blast while you learn!



Meet Mark the Science Guy, the ultimate superhero of science exploration! With his captivating demonstrations and mind-boggling experiments, Mark takes children on an incredible journey through the world of levitation, teleportation, and mind-bending scientific discoveries. Embark on an unforgettable adventure of scientific wonder with Mark the Science Guy!



Attention young wordsmiths and storytellers! Unleash your imagination during Fighting Words’ creative writing activities at Little Picnic. Whether you dream of fantastical adventures, hilarious comedies, or heartwarming tales, their sessions will help you bring your ideas from pen to paper. With prompts, games, and a sprinkle of magic, join them and let your stories take flight!



Get ready to make a splash with colours and creativity at our tie dye workshop with Lollipop Apparel! It’s time to transform plain white tees into vibrant works of wearable art. With a swirl of imagination and a splash of dye, you’ll create unique patterns that burst with personality. Make a fashion statement that’s as bright and brilliant as you are!



Join us for a magical journey into the enchanting world of Johnny Magory! Gather ’round for an exciting storytime adventure where you’ll meet Johnny and his friends as they embark on thrilling escapades in the Irish wilderness. From mischievous encounters with forest creatures to daring quests filled with bravery, each story is a whirlwind of excitement and imagination!



Calling all young yogis and aspiring adventurers! Join us for movement, mindfulness, and fun with Kids Yoga. Get ready to stretch like a playful animal, breathe like a calm ocean breeze, and balance like a graceful tree. Through imaginative poses, creative games, and peaceful relaxation, our Kids Yoga sessions will take you on a joyful exploration of your body and mind.



School Fitness Ireland will have loads of fun equipment for use all day such as wobble boards, gymnastics beams, soccer balls and jumping games. At their tent, there will  be fun sessions going on throughout the day such as Gymnastics, Hip Hop, Fun Fitness and much more!



Giggle, wiggle, and laugh out loud with our super fun Laughter Yoga sessions for kids! Join Louise for a playful adventure where laughter is the name of the game. It’s a session of pure joy that will leave you feeling happy, light-hearted, and connected. So bring your best belly laughs and join us in spreading laughter and positivity!



Unleash your imagination and creativity at our exciting Arts & Crafts Station! Join us in a world of colourful possibilities, where you can turn ordinary materials into extraordinary masterpieces. So bring your ideas and enthusiasm, and let’s make some art-tastic memories together at the Arts & Crafts Station!



Get ready for a bubble-tastic show that will blow your mind! Watch in wonder as the bubble magicians create bubbles of all sizes – from tiny ones that tickle your nose to giant ones that might just carry you away! You’ll be amazed by the colours that dance and sparkle on the surface of these magical orbs.



Would it be a festival without some face painting magic?! No matter if you want to be painted up like a tiger or jewelled like a mermaid princess we have you covered. Our face painting team will be open each day.

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