Mick Flannery & Susan O’Neill – The Frank & Walters – Jerry Fish –  – RSAG – Camille O’Sullivan – Dec Pierce’s Block Rockin Beats – Thumper – The Oozes – Touts – Jack Lukeman

JyellowL – The Blizzards – Tadhg – Dea Matrona – San Patricio Mariachi – Anamoe Drive

Regina & The Queens, (Drag Show) – The Kilo 1977 – Phil Taggart – Hazey Hayes

Pontius Pilate & The Naildrivers – Havvk – N.O.A.H. – The Pale – Vinci – Aonair

Shakalak – Scattered Ashes – Sun Mahshene – Breathe with the Beat / feat. Get Down Edits – Mr. Pink – Sparkle and much more…

Jerry Fish, is the proprietor and ringmaster of one of the most entertaining and eclectic stages at Electric Picnic ‘The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow’ which he has curated for the last seven years. And now Jerry’s late-night fun-filled arena has got even bigger with the creation of Fish ⚓Town.


Fish ⚓Town is a carnival town, steeped in the folklore of its proprietor and inspired by a love of theatrical tall tales, circus culture and amazing music. You’ll find this brand-new area nestled under a canopy of trees deep in the forest of Stradbally Estate. Anchored by The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow Circus Tent, Picnickers will be treated to pop-up stages, a cafe, and The Heart & Anchor bar. See circus, cabaret, burlesque and sideshow performers, as well as the hottest musical acts around.


Curated, designed and built by performing artists for performing artists, the residents of Fish⚓Town aim to consciously promote positive news throughout the known world – our mantra: “Unity Through Diversity”. Everyone’s a VIP in Fish ⚓Town, you get the backstage experience in the woods out in front of the tent, a place where artists, fans and friends can meet up, talk about, and plot their Picnic adventures and experiences.


Fish ⚓ Town wouldn’t be complete without its dandy concoction of carnival sideshow theatre, so expect unearthly performances from: Sideshow Sweetheart Foxy P. Cox, pole-dancing and fire queen Terri Fierce, The Pony Girls, Jellyboy The Clown (Coney Island U.S.A.), Wobbly Circus, Dirty Circus and many more. The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow promises once again to be a highlight of this year’s Picnic, delivering three debauched days and nights of mind-blowing, soul-bending entertainment, at this unique Picnic stage.


One can definitely expect the unexpected in Fish Town.

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