5 Reasons To Get Involved With Trailer Park

Are you a creative mind or enjoy building projects? Ever wanted to take part in Electric Picnic? Then we’ve got just the thing for you!

Join us at the metropolis that is Trailer Park, the place for all arts, crafts and creative expression. But be aware, the deadline to apply is getting closer! If you’re still unsure whether to take part or not, we’ve put together a list of top five reasons why you should get involved with Trailer Park 2023. Read them below and we’ll see you in Stradbally, this September.

Blue skies with some fluffy white clouds, People sitting down watching a performance at the Band Wagon stage at Trailer Park, Electric Picnic.
  1. Take part in creating the Electric Picnic experience! You’ll get to spend a few days on-site before the festival opens to see first hand how it all comes together.
  2. Go to Electric Picnic!  If your Trailer concept gets chosen, you’ll get to attend EP23!!
  3. You get to create! Trailer Park encourages you to make something original. If you’re interested in set design, Trailer park is a great experience!! Did you know that the renowned Anachronica started as a trailer??
  4. It’s an art exhibition and you have been commissioned! Want to create an immersive trailer installation with a guaranteed audience? Trailer Park is just the thing for you!
  5. The Electric  Experience! Hang out with late night party goers. Trailer Park is one of EP’s wild and wonderful late night venues.

Remember- If you have an amazing idea, but are unsure if you can actually construct it – let us know. And likewise, if you are great at building, woodwork, welding and general DIY and you’d like to be connected with an idea – we’d love to hear from you too. Please get in touch at:


The deadline for applications is April 5th, so if you’re interested, GET APPLYING!

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