The 2023 Fish town line-up is here! It may just get you hooked🪝⚓

Home to The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow plus incredible music acts including Mik Pyro, Simple Kid, JyellowL and more!

Celebrate unity through diversity with Fabulously Freaky Friday at Fish ⚓ Town midnight ‘til late!

Roll up! Roll up! The late-night, mischief-filled arena that is Fishtown has gotten even bigger and bolder for Electric Picnic 2023.  Caged, stray, concealed or revealed, it’s all good at Fish Town, this is where we redefine “normal” with ringmaster extraordinaire Jerry Fish at the helm. In its second year deep in the woods at Stradbally, Fishtown is home to The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow – Circus Tent, three brand new Sideshow Stages and The Heart and Anchor Bar. A guaranteed magnet this year with its unique offerings of signature cocktails like the “Kinky Dazzler” and the “Sideshow Freak Surprise” and more colourful, circus themed bespoke drinks. The whole town is inhabited by circus, cabaret, burlesque, pole, drag and sideshow walkabout performers – you never know who may pop up!

Fish Town Line-Up

This year’s line-up includes: Jerry Fish + Special Guests, Simple Kid, Mik Pyro, JyellowL, The Oozes, Efé, Tadhg, Def Nettle, Jessica Doolan, Mariachi San Patricio, Basht, Savage Hearts, Regina & The Queens (Drag Show), Mars Montana, Pale Blue Eyes, Banyah, The Sleaze, Scattered Ashes, Pontious Pilate & The Naildrivers, Sun Mahshene, Big Sleep, Cat Dowling,  Sideshow Disco, The Kilo 1977, Arveene + M.C. Sharon Cassette, and much, much more…

Fishtown continues to celebrate the creed of unity through diversity with Fabulously Freaky Friday from midnight – 4am, starring Regina and The Queens late Night Drag Show, accompanied by the genderless and only gorgeous DJ Mars Montana, straight from London Town.  We also have our world class acrobatic pole troupe led by Terri Fierce, who recently performed for Snoop Dogg.  Ohhhh, what a night!

Fish Town would not be complete without its dandy concoction of carnival sideshow theatre, and this year we have doubled the carnival. Expect unearthly performances from Fire and Pole Queens, Fierce Family Troupe, The Pony Girls (Police Force), Time Travel Theatre, Wobbly Circus, Laura LaVelle, The Wild Geeze, Dirty Circus and many more of our Sideshow Sweethearts. Fishtown promises once again to be a highlight of this year’s Picnic, delivering three debauched days and nights of mind blowing, soul bending entertainment!

Jerry Fish is one of Ireland’s most enigmatic and entertaining performers to the point where Electric Picnic have afforded him his very own Fish Town. An indie legend and ringmaster of exceptional renown, Jerry Fish has evolved into a showman extraordinaire, capturing the hearts and minds of audiences all over with his now legendary live shows, a unique live theatrical experience that dissolves all boundaries between performer and audience. These days the name Jerry Fish is synonymous with festivals, carnival sideshow, circus and theatre.

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