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Care & Safety


Wild swimming in cold water for many of you is a pleasurable experience, but it can also be extremely dangerous if not handled safely. The water is untreated, opaque and cold with deep silt and there are areas of reeds which create the risk of entanglement.

All swimmers must abide to all rules listen to lifeguards. They must sign a disclaimer before allowed to swim and read our terms and conditions.

Swimming is only permitted during the day and the area will be highly secured during night.

Swimmers who choose to enter the water do so at their own risk.

Opening times:

Friday 2nd September

Family Only: 13.30 – 16:00
Adult Only: 16:00 – 19:00


Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th September

  • Family Only: 10:00 – 13.30
  • Adult Only: 09:00 – 10:00 / 16:00 – 19:00
  • Open Swim: 13.30 – 16:00


  • Restrictions:
    • The water is over 6ft deep at its deepest point in the middle of the lake
    • It is not permitted to swim while intoxicated or under the influence. You will be refused entry to the Lake if a member of staff deems you unfit for swimming.
    • Children aged 12 and under are permitted to swim in the company of an adult over 18 with a 1:1 ratio.
    • You should not swim if you have a reduced immune system as your risk of developing serious health complications from contracting a water borne illness is much higher.
    • Diving or jumping into the lake is strictly prohibited
    • Electric Picnic reserves the right to suspend swimming at any time at their discretion.

Blue Response UK will provide the lifeguards for the lake, and specifically for the swimming area. Blue Response UK will provide crew that are suitably qualified to perform a rescue if required working under the supervision of the Duty Officer
Guidance pdf link


EP Republic Ltd engage with and provide onsite support services on site primarily based in the onsite welfare centre staffed by both medical and welfare personnel. EP Republic Ltd also engage with organisations to provide
outreach support throughout the site for mental health services, alcohol and drug harm reduction as well as many other supports.


There is a Welfare Tent located beside the First Aid Point in Jimi Hendrix Campsite and is open 24 hours and is staffed by experienced and supportive people who understand festivals.



The Festival Branch of Samaritans have been going to Electric Picnic since 2017 offering 24 hour emotional support. They have a team of volunteers who work shifts throughout the day and night dealing confidentially with upset, depressed or suicidal people. The Samaritans’ tent (with prominent green and white “SAMARITANS” banners and huge flags) will be situated in the Jimi Hendrix campsite.


Welfare is there to assist anyone who is in need, offering general support, counselling, drug and alcohol information, safe
sex information, crash tent.


  • CODE BLUE– onsite medical provision providied by CODE BLUE.


  • Main Medical Centre – Main Medical Centre will be located in the Jimi Hendrix campsite next to the Arena Entrance, and is open 24 hours. The medical centre will act as a referral centre from the first aid posts
    and roaming mobile teams.


  • First Aid Points – First aid posts will be located in the Main Arena, Late Night Arena, Family Camping, Jimi Hendrix, Oscar Wilde, Janis Joplin and the new Eiru Campsite.


The safety and security of festival goers is our top priority! Please be patient while we carry out our security checks and searches, which take place at the campsite gates, the arena entrance and may also happen at any time at any location onsite.

Our security staff are there for your safety – please cooperate with them as they work to keep us all safe and sound. Some are covert, but most are identified by their numbered tabard. Always go to them if you need help.

There are security measures you will see and of course ones that you can’t. The whole site is monitored throughout by staff on the ground along with an extensive CCTV system watched round the clock by a team of monitors in a fully staffed Event Control.

Please help us by reporting anything that doesn’t look right to you and also please let us know if you spot an area where we can do better and we will get on it.

If you are involved in an incident with any security, steward or member of staff that you want to report – please make a note of their tabard number or name on their pass. You can make a complaint via the Information Tent, Welfare Tent or through the Zone Manager patrolling your zone in a burgandy tabard and your complaint will be passed straight on to the Organisers onsite.


Electric Picnic is a weekend of huge fun and enjoyment. We don’t want that experience spoiled by anything happening to you or your stuff, so we’re offering this advice to help your weekend go with a swing and not a bump.

The festival’s relaxed atmosphere can offer an easy target for criminals. Take the same precautions as you would on any other night out, and please read through the advice below and plan ahead.

We don’t accept any discrimination towards any individual or groups of individuals. Irrespective of the background of the individual, be that gender, race, disability, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity. We are proud of the diverse nature of our festivals and their customers, if you see or experience anyone undermining this – no matter the severity – please report it immediately to one of our onsite staff.


Quite simply – don’t bring anything you can’t afford to lose.
Don’t leave any valuables in your tent, including medications. Tents are impossible to secure, even when they are zipped. Please use the lockers available in the Jimi Hendrix campsite. See ‘Campsites’ for more information.

Move anything of worth away from your tent door as you sleep. Don’t put a padlock on your tent as this indicates there are valuables inside. Don’t bury your valuables by your tent as someone is bound to be watching.

Split your cash and cards into two hoards so that if one lot goes – you have back up and don’t carry more money than you need to – there are ATM’s in the Main Arena (a small charge will apply)

Only bring the bank cards that you need. Take note of your bank details to make cancellation easier if they go missing.

When walking through the festival – especially at the stages – don’t put money in your back pocket. Use pockets with zips or buy a money belt.

*Contactless payments will be available at all bars and a number of traders. 


There are free apps to track your phone if it goes missing or gets stolen. Your device is tracked by GPS and can be located online and in some cases be locked remotely. If the phone is stolen you can pass this information to the Gardaí.
Keep a record of your phone’s unique IMEI number. You can find it by keying in *#06#* on your keypad. This number will help the Gardai trace ownership. Utilise your phone’s security lock or pin number.
Register the phone with your operator. If you report the phone stolen, the operator should then be able to block your SIM card.


Don’t leave anything valuable in your car – leave your glove compartment empty and open so that thieves can see there is nothing inside


Flares or fireworks are not permitted at the festival. Anyone found in possession will be removed from site and could face a fine and/or imprisonment.


If you do become a victim of crime or if you see a crime happening – report the issue as soon as possible to a member of staff. Try to remember as much as possible regarding the appearance of the person, their clothing and the location of the crime. Look out for toilets, fire towers, unusual tents/structures and any nearby signage.

If you are reporting the theft of a mobile phone, you will be required to first contact your network provider and have the handset blocked. Numbers for Irish network providers will be available in the Information Tent.

It is always worth checking the Lost Property Cabin in the Jimi Hendrix Campsite as it may have been handed in.


Please take guidance from the stewards in where is best to pitch your tent, if your tent is found to be blocking the fire lanes and emergency exits your tent will be removed for safety reasons.

Introduce yourself to your neighbours and set up a neighbourhood watch system, it may sound naff but experience shows that the best and friendliest campsites are the ones with people in that make the effort to do so. It also means you’ll have more friends to party with.


Decide on a meeting point with your friends. Choose a time and place to meet up later in case you get separated from each other.
Learn the layout of the site – particularly your camping area so you can easily find toilets and stewards.

Get to know the people who are camped around you. It makes for a nicer environment and it means you’ll be familiar with who should be coming and going in your area.
Keep your phone charged in case you’re separated from your friends.
Stay hydrated. There are free drinking water points, located near the toilet blocks across site.

Keep your wits about you. Drink responsibly and know your limit.
Please do not climb on any trees onsite. It is dangerous and may damage the tree.
Security and stewards are here to help you. Don’t be worried about asking for help in any situation, whether it’s asking for directions or to report something or someone you’re worried about.

Strobe lighting – pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke machines, strobe lighting/special effects may take place during some performances.
Prolonged exposure to high volume noise can cause hearing damage
Mixing drugs with other drugs and / or alcohol / prescription drugs can be a significant danger with risk of death.

Ask for help if you or your friends become unwell immediately. We are here to help you.

Further information is available online:, and the Know Drugs app.


Fires are not permitted anywhere on site.

Anyone found creating or fuelling a fire may face Eviction. In addition, anyone found burning any unsuitable materials such as toxic materials, other people’s possessions, site infrastructure, trees or hedges onsite will be liable to Eviction and / or prosecution.


Candles are dangerous, please don’t bring them. Bring a torch instead.
If you cook, always do it in the designated BBQ areas, ensure that there is constant supervision and keep well away from any flammable materials
Watch out for flying embers and sparks, as they could start a fire, even from some distance.

If a fire starts in your tent, you must get everyone out and evacuate the area as quickly as possible. Alert the nearest steward or security, who could also be the by Fire Tower, and they’ll contact the Fire Team.

Remember that fire can spread very quickly around flammable materials such as tents and rubbish. Even a small contained fire can quickly spread, producing smoke and fumes which can kill in seconds. Ensure that you raise the alarm and keep other campers in the vicinity away from the fire until it has been contained and properly extinguished.


Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless, highly poisonous gas that can kill in minutes. Never take a portable barbeque, or lit charcoal into an enclosed space like a tent or caravan.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include:





Tiredness and confusion

Stomach Pain

Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing

If you think you have potentially be exposed to carbon monoxide gas whilst at the festival, please contact a steward immediately.


There will be First Aid posts in the Main Arena, Late Night Arena, Mind & Body, Family Camping, Jimi Hendrix, Oscar Wilde and Janis Joplin.


The Welfare Tent is open 24 hours and is staffed by experienced and supportive people.

They can provide confidential advice about drugs, alcohol, legal highs and sexual health, and offer support if you need to talk. They offer a monitored rest and recovery area if you’ve overdone it.

Please go to the Welfare Tent if you experience any problems or need to talk to someone for any reason.


The Festival Branch of Samaritans have been going to Electric Picnic since 2017 offering 24 hour emotional support. They have a team of volunteers who work shifts throughout the day and night dealing confidentially with upset, depressed or suicidal people. The Samaritans’ tent (with prominent green and white “SAMARITANS” banners and huge flags) will be situated in the Jimi Hendrix campsite.


The dealing in or use of illegal drugs is not condoned by Electric Picnic Festival. It is illegal to take, to buy or to sell drugs. Drug enforcement laws are as applicable onsite as anywhere else in the country. If you deal in drugs, you will be handed over to An Garda Siochana. There are covert Gardaí and security onsite who will be able to take action as appropriate. Neither anti-social nor illegal behaviour will be tolerated and participants will leave themselves liable for eviction from the site.


Experimenting with drugs can lead to adverse reactions. Drugs can kill. The crowds and the sheer size of the Festival can be very frightening and disorientating and taking drugs could spoil your enjoyment of the event. If you do take drugs and you become ill, depressed or frightened please ask a steward to direct you to one of the many facilities onsite which can help and support you.