Their recorded music can be dark, dense and the lyrics ambiguous, but  when you watch them live that kinetic energy is unmistakable. Apparent,  visceral and highly addictive.

Alloysious Massaquoi, Kayus Bankole and G. Hastings met as kids and  set their bodies against the tide. From the beginning they were obstinately  not going to do what was expected.

Under disparate influences that ranged from Enya to Suicide, they began  to create the unique sound of their early albums, Tape One, Tape Two, the  Mercury Award winning DEAD, and then the face slap to the world, White  Men Are Black Men Too and their second SAY Award winner, Cocoa  Sugar, where the sound was refined and almost bent back, like a  disjointed thumb, into an unnatural position.

Their forthcoming album is entitled, Heavy Heavy. The title could be a  mood, or it could describe the smoothed granite of bass that supports the  sound… or it could be a nod to the natural progression of boys to grown  men and the inevitable toll of living, a joyous burden, relationships, family,  the natural momentum of a group that has been around long enough to  witness massive changes. This new album nails together a collage of  influences, ideas, ages and scenes, all bound together with unrestrained  energy, passion and soul. And it seems, right now, the most radical thing  to do is to have some Soul.

A truly enigmatic band with a fabulously hard to define sound, fighting  definition.

No dress code required. Dancing, not moshing. Hips jerking, feet slipping,  brain firing in Catherine Wheel sparks of joy and empathy. Underground  but never dark. Still young, after some years, even as the heavy, heavy  weight of the world seems to grow day by day.

Heavy Heavy will be released on the 3rd February 2023 via Ninja Tune.

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