Unless you’ve been living under a rock or deaf, you’ve probably heard of the Belfast prince of hardcore, IMNOTYOURMATE. Kyle has cemented his name as one of the most exciting prospects coming out of Belfast’s hard-edged club scene in recent years. Honing in a rave-soaked sound, that leans into the hardcore-influenced warehouse scene that dominated Belfast warehouses in the late 90s and early 00s. There’s a certain air of poise and tenacity surrounding IMNOTYOURMATE that comes with a DJ that’s been around the block.

Having played frequently for Belfast’s most prominent techno party DSNT, IMNOTYOURMATE was given the opportunity to stretch his legs and play peak-time sets from an early age. Quickly establishing a sound that was deep-rooted in his hometown’s rave legacy. No gimmicks, no frills, no trends, just hardcore business, and wall-to-wall bangers. Kyle now acts as the poster boy for Ireland’s hard dance scene, embracing the roots of the genre far before it became trendy.

IMNOTYOURMATE has become a crowd favourite on dancefloors across Ireland

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