International pop star. No longer lives in Dublin with her grandparents. Still recovering from an AliExpress addiction, amongst other things. Won a Choice Prize. Got nominated for a BRIT award. Recently released her second album, β€˜Crazymad, For Me’, the greatest album in the history of the world about relationships, regrets and time travel.


Crazymad, For Me is her magnum opus…entirely cinematic, theatrical and continuously melodramatic – Dork ***** (5/5)


Hyper-melancholic, ultra-vivid, Crazymad, For Me showcases Thompson’s off-beam pop skills, a distinctive voice in every way – Mojo Magazine **** (4/5)


The singer combines … enduring themes of heartbreak and self-destruction with camp humour and a distinctly Irish sense of the absurd – New York Times


Once again, she transforms pop culture into poetry, painting the most vivid of worlds in the process, while her brand of country-indebted pop feels even richer this time around. – DIY ***** (5/5)

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