Rick Astley is back!

No, scratch that.

Rick Astley is still here, still moving forward and always guaranteeing entertainment and joy on record, on stream, on radio and on stage. But now he’s pushing to even greater musical heights.

Over three decades into his blockbuster musical career, the British singer and songwriter is consistently bringing the house down, performing internationally with everyone from a-ha to Foo Fighters. Winning over fresh fans – touring with Take That in 2019, he played to audiences of more than 500,000. Taking over new platforms: 3 million TikTok followers don’t lie. Accidentally “inventing” global cultural phenomena – Rickrolling, anyone? And how’s your “Astley Shuffle”, as immortalised in an already iconic Fortnite emote?

Indeed, arguably Astley is more prominent in popular culture now than he ever was.

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